Step 1: Secure Registration Form from the Lyceum of Alabang Admission Office
Step 2: Accomplish/Fill-out the Registration Form
Step 3: Pay the registration fee at the Cashier’s Office
Step 4: Submit to the Lyceum of Alabang Senior High School Registration Desk the duly accomplished Registration Form together with the requirements.
Step 5: Get your Certificate of Registration.




  1. Proceed to the Guidance office for the Entrance exam.
  2. If you pass the Entrance test fill up the Student Application form and submit the following in the Admission office:
  3. Form 138 or 137.
  4. Certification of Good Moral Character.
  5. Result of Entrance examination.
  6. Photo copy of NSO Birth Certificate.
  7. 5 pictures (2×2) blue background.
  8. Proceed to the Dean’s Office of your department for advising.
  9. Proceed to the Assessment area for Assessment.
  10. Proceed to the Registrar’s office for signature of the assessed Certificate of Registration.
  11. Pay your tuition fee and other fees at the Treasurer’s office only to tellers on duty.
  12. After payment of fees proceed to PDD office for Student ID.

* To apply for the library card proceed to the Main Library at the 3rd floor.



  1. Proceed to the Guidance Office for Entrance Test.
  2. If you passed the exam go to the Department Dean’s Office for interview.
  3. Fill up the Student Application form in the admission office and submit the ff:
  4. Honorable Dismissal or Transferees Credentials.
  5. Certification of Good Moral Character.
  6. True Copy of Grades / TOR for Evaluation Purposes.
  7. 5 pictures (2×2) blue background.

Note: Follow steps 3-8 for freshmen.



  1. Go to your Department Dean’s Office and present the ff:
  2. Clearance / Certificate of Registration for last semester.
  3. Grade in Class Card for Evaluation.

Note: Follow the Steps for freshmen except 1, 2 and 3.



  1. Go to the Admission Office for Application for Enrollment and Submit the ff:
  2. Transcript of Records of your Bachelor’s degree which indicates Special Order for that degree.

Note: Follow Steps 3-8 for freshmen.

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