LANDBANK Link.BizPortal Payment Option

By   |  November 10, 2020   

In order to accommodate the request of our beloved stakeholders, in terms of the accessibility in paying the tuition fees. The school partnered with LANDBANK Link.BizPortal as another bank option other than METROBANK for payment transactions.

QUESTION 1: Who are qualified to pay in Landbank Link.BizPortal?
Answer: Individuals or companies who have the following accounts:

  • LANDBANK ATM Savings account
  • LANDBANK VISA Debit cards
  • LANDBANK Current account with ATM access
  • LANDBANK Corporate Payment Card (CPC)
  • BancNet-Member Banks ATM cards
  • International Credit/Debit Cards

QUESTION 2: Does the client need to enroll in order to use LANDBANK LINK.bIZpORTAL?
Answer: YES. As an added security, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number or e-mail address. Registration via LANDBANK iACCESS or your payment option (BancNet/GCASH) registration facility is needed.

As of now, we have three payment options that you can choose based on convenience.

  1. METROBANK Bills payment
  2. LANDBANK BizPortal
  3. Over-the-counter payment thru LOA Finance Department

Note: For options 1 and 2, please claim your Official Receipt (OR) and present your physical proof (printed copy of deposit slip/transaction receipt) to the finance office.

Thank you for your continued patronage of the school.

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