By   |  October 27, 2020   

It is a very special milestone as we celebrate our 17th Founding Anniversary. Foundation day usually adapt a very festive mood of games, dance and singing contests, friendly sports competitions, food booths, retail booths and highlighted with field demonstration of the students as coached by their respective teachers. Due to the pandemic, we are still encouraged to celebrate even in the most simple yet wondrous way.
We wanted you to be a part of this celebration. Together, we will EMBRACE THE BETTER NEW NOW NORMAL TOWARDS EXCELLENCE.
On October 28, 2020 come join us a we walk down memory lane to commemorate our founding anniversary.
Let’s have a throwback.
Let’s make it nostalgic.
Witness how we virtually celebrate our 17th Founding Anniversary.
LOA Cares.
LOA Cheers.
LOA Celebrates.

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