We, at the Lyceum of Alabang commit ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customer through continual improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS) for effective and efficient provision of quality education and training. We will ensure that all our academics and non-academic processes and activities are aligned with their voice and complying with all the applicable requirements (internal and external).



Lyceum of Alabang quality objectives are as follows;

  1. Impart knowledge and intellectual skills and nurture such qualities of mind and character such as curiosity, critical shrewdness, discerning judgment, ethical awareness, creative imagination, and the ability to confront the unfamiliar with confidence.
  2. Provide a high-quality, competency development and enhancement program for both faculty and staff to ensure maximum learning and provides excellent service to its students.
  3. Equip the individual with mental clarity, emotional openness, and manual dexterity to enable him to survive in this rapidly changing era.
  4. Provide facilities and equipment’s in their best quality, instrumental to the enhancement of learning.
  5. Develop individuals who are skilled in identifying, clarifying, choosing and putting into practice values that are relevant to their personal, social and cultural development.

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